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August 28, 2013


Charlotte Lawrence Pratt

In 1994 on that same trip by Dr Wurmbrand, he spoke to our then small singles group, Seekers, at First Presbyterian Church in Augusta, Ga. I'll never forget that during his imprisonment and torturing, he said he kept praying for the youth of America to come to and serve The Lord . He was praying for us!! Wow, what a Christ like example he was to us, and what a challenge!


I'm just reading Wurmbrand's book, The Wurmbrand Letters, and remember his time in chapel, and getting to know Ioana at the time. His faith puts me to shame, but spurs me on.


Oh such powerful words, what an amazing story. The Holy Spirit is shown through these stories of humanity. Just let go and let God take the wheel. He knows the path he wants to take you, straight into his arms. Amen Lord Jesus Christ giver of eternal life.


What an incredible story! Thanks for sharing...just the reminder that I needed, God orchestrates everything perfectly and exactly, so that anything and everything can be an expression of His love...

Snooks Bender

So blessed our Papa God continues to weave His children into a Beautiful Remnant His Love Never fails.

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