Persecution Blog: Do We Condone Eva's Actions?

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June 07, 2013


Brooke Gillette

In her situation, being that a Muslim influence was new in her town, I can see why she had less fear of doing what she chose to do because she was thinking of the outcome, and trusting God to work it out to show them He is real. I think it did work out that way. Sometimes our responses to persecution really is the indicator that Jesus gives us peace and love that is beyond this world. And I'll be praying her persecutors did see that. Amen, sister Eva! Doubltess she learned a lot from it, and will not do that again, but she will be respected most likely and maybe have a way to talk to some of those women.

Billie Jo

It simply reminds me that none of us always do what is 'right'--that sometimes we cannot know the best response. Praise God, He reads our hearts and acts accordingly. Love assumes no wrong; we as Christians need to support one another and let God work out the details. She did her best in a tough situation. I pray I will do my best in my (far less) tough situations. And I praise God HE will act perfectly for my good and His glory!


GOD know all everything everyone !

do not worry about all everything everyone !

always life in faith to JESUS GOD SAVIOR for salvation !

love GOD and love others no matter how who what when where !

obey to the Law of GOD and obey to the Love of GOD !

pray pray pray pray pray pray pray to GOD !

daily thanks praises worships GOD !

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