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June 06, 2013



That's quite a story! It's good to be able toget to the bottom of this...I must admit some confusion on my part after first hearing of her story from VOM, then reading contradictory reports from other Christian news sources. This is quite an interesting situation. I can understand what Eva thought, but at the same time, I think people have a tendency to want to defend God; He is the Lion of Judah...He doesn't need us to stand up for Him or prove that He is who He says He is. Truth, when argued and defended, loses some of it's authenticity, simply because if it is really truth, it needs no defense. It will simply ring true. You will accept or you won't. It is simply the truth, it is simply reality. You can meet a man who argues that the sun is blue; but if you take the time to stop and try to convince him that the sun is really not blue, your argument, in a sense, loses some of its position because it has to be argued. So, while I can understand Eva's impulse and her motives, and while there is Biblical grounds for this kind of thing at some points, at other points God has instructed and impressed people otherwise....My conclusion? We simply need to be listening to the Spirit and obey what He says. While it seems doubtful to me that it was the Lord who told Eva to do this (even in her story, she admits that "they dared me....I wanted to prove to them..."), I can't judge for sure. Thank you, VOM, for this thought-provoking story. Looking forward to part III tomorrow!

Vishuddhajna Jade

You better believe Jesus condones that! What happened to the idol Dagon when the Ark was brought into the temple? He was humiliated by the Angel of the Lord! So also will God bring to nothing the idols of the masses through the Angel of the Lord that resides in every believer's heart...Jesus was with her, and her testimony of faithful demonstration of God's power over the gods of the nations shows her zeal for the glory and honor of the Lord. We need more people like her--willing to make personal and interpersonal sacrifices for the Lord. She will be blessed. :)

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