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January 5, 2009

Teen Trained to Be Suicide Bomber Feels Tricked

Last night I had the time to watch the Fox News special Escape from Hamas, and it was very compelling because here you have a son of a Hamas leader who came to faith in Christ and as a result is now speaking out about the danger of Islam.  And it wasn't just because this young man was told that the bible was true - that wasn't the case at all.  In the special, Yousef shared how it took him a long time to examine both the Koran and the Bible side by side, and then he made his decision.

He also shared about how when he was in prison, how he saw Hamas torture other members of Hamas and because of that, he had to turn away from Islam.

Well, similarly today we have an article from CNN that describes the journey of another young man who has been tricked by Muslims into becoming a suicide bomber. 

Shakirullah is already a convicted terrorist for planning to carry out a suicide bombing. He says Muslim radicals lied and tricked him into becoming a would-be bomber. "I have been detained for trying to commit a suicide attack," he says.

He says his recruiters told him it was his mission as a Muslim to kill British and American soldiers because they were killing Muslims. Video Watch teen say recruiters "cheated me" »

They told him that once he blew himself up he wouldn't die because God would save him for being a true Muslim.

Thankfully this young man has been saved from killing himself, but the sad reality is that Islamic insurgents are taking advantage of the innocence and in some cases the lack of education of those younger boys who have no idea what they are really all about.  The article goes on to say:

He barely makes eye contact and looks away as soon as he does. He is shy, but forthright in his words. "I didn't want to do it but he forced me to go," he says of his recruiter.

Rubbing his face with his hand, he says he now spends his time dreaming of his life back home in rural Pakistan. His eyes begin to water and his voice becomes softer when he talks about missing his mother.

Asked what he misses most about her, he says simply, "A mother is a mother."

Please remember to pray for the Middle East and especially for the hearts and minds of those who may be seduced and lured into the militant faction of Islamic terrorism.