Persecution Blog: Old Wrapping Paper Launches Mission Movement in India

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April 14, 2014


Brooke G.

Thank you for sharing that story, it reminds me to use my gift for the Lord, as I have a degree in writing and have a book idea I think He can use. Bless you, bless VOM.


Christina: THANK YOU for sharing your story!

Christina C.

I went through a period of struggling with what I planned on doing with my life. In the midst of pursing some sort of art career path in college, yet without any confirmation on what I was really supposed to do, I kept seeking and seeking for what God wanted from me. Finally, God answered. It was something utterly ridiculous.
I was at my church with a small group during a rehearsal, and I flippantly decided to pick up my friend's laptop and write a ridiculous story just for the fun of it. I only ever wrote as a hobby, but never considered doing it seriously.
There was no bright, holy light or a voice from Heaven--but there was a prick in my Spirit. A voice that said, "You should write."
By the end of the night, that ridiculous story had become a catalyst to my passion and my mission. That night I began work on what I knew God has called me to do, and though the road is hard and it's not all peaches and cookies, I know without a shadow of a doubt that I was created to serve God's Kingdom through my writing.
In one night, through one ridiculously silly story, God called me to a cause that I never before had considered or thought myself capable of--a cause far greater than myself.

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