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August 05, 2013



Anyone is capable of forgiveness. A lot of time crying, toiling, and soul searching. But those who want it bad enough, can have the same result as this beautiful women of God had. She is not superhuman, she was bitter and angry (to the world with just cause). However, because she asked for the Lord to help, he was faithful in giving her her hearts desire. We can all have the same as well. She is a beacon, to all of us who feel it to be impossible. She proves in fact that it is not. So is having to go through such tragedy, we remember those before us. Having said that, having someone slander you, is of no comparison to those who choose to forgive when the odds were stacked against them. Giving you a fresh perspective, that if they could do it, so can you. Ask God sincerely for the strength to forgive and he will give it to you.

chris fiensy

i still have someone(s) to forgive. regarding what Jesus said, that forgiving others is what The Father expects, if He is to forgive me, is a huge problem for me, since I have not forgiven them and do not know how to get to the place where I know that I have forgiven them.


What courage she has. I can't imagine having to see the men who killed my husband all the time. She is so brave. I so admire people like this and only hope I have the same courage if something horrible like that happens to me. God is amazing.

Steve Anderson

In 2005, my niece was the victim of a brutal murder. Her body left in a park to be found by locals the next morning. She left behind a 2 year old son and the rest of us... her loving family.

It took me several months to come to a state of forgiveness for all those responsible for what happened to her... the whole time knowing our God says "Vengeance is mine, I will repay".

That is what ultimately brought me to forgive. In that statement there is SO MUCH. It's not my place to exact revenge, and knowing the Lord, I know what He has in store for those He does not know. Knowing this, I know also that mercy will be shown where mercy is given.

It was not up to me. I had to forgive. This doesn't lessen the pain at being separated from her. It doesn't cheapen her life or the loss of life. But it allows the Peace to flow through me. It frees me to live and serve in the time that I have left on this Earth.

Syd Doyle

Now this was done by the loving religion-just want to get that right?

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