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July 18, 2013


Jessica D. Johnson

I don't know if I really have enough money to commit to a monthly donation, but I wish I knew with all the financial trouble, that It was God's Will and therefore possible. My memory has been damaged 3 times and is being Healed by God, so I pray for my Brothers and Sisters in Christ Jesus everytime I remember. I want to visit Gao Zhisheng someday, especially if he's still in prison by then. I want to be constantly updated where he is! I may not check my emails everyday, due to the overwhelming volume I get and my sore hips and lack of concentration, but I will eventually read one of those updates. I honestly wondered if he had died, until I heard he was still in prison. I'd be willing to get tortured for visiting and encouraging him right in front of Chinese officials! I'm sure God wouldn't let me die in their prison, or Gao Zhisheng, not one of us without good reason. And besides, I've already been through some of the worst torture from the devil himself, and have still kept my Faith in Christ Jesus. I think this must be the longest comment you have from someone, so I'll stop writing now.

Melissa A. Canchola

Thank you for helping her. I pray you be blessed and God help others in similar situations.

David Sarge

The justice for the father's sin will either be done in hell or it has already been paid on the cross should he come to believe.

Tunde Esan

Like others have asked . Should those who tortured her get away with their crime ? My prayers for her.

Christina Wilson

Praise God that she was rescued and is able to make progress. (Obviously, I know safety will be on ongoing concern.) I have the printed update from the June newsletter and to see this addtiional detail about her progress is very encouraging. I am grateful her brother had the courage to help her as he could. I am praying for him and also that her father's eyes and ears will be open to the Truth and that he will come to know our wonderful Jesus as Lord and Savior.

VOM Newsletter

Patty and Taleana,

Her brother and father still live in their home. As far as I know, though there was a lot of outrage in Uganda at what happened, her father was never prosecuted. Part of the reason why VOM has been supporting her in a safe house is to keep her away from her father and keep her safe. We are thankful for the pastor and our national workers who are looking out for her.


My question exactly. What happened to her brother and father? Btw, what a good brother.


what happened to her brother and father?


Heart breaking. Praying for our brothers and sisters who are suffering. It is too much to bear.

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