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July 30, 2013



In the definitions is your answer:
indifference is not caring, a lack of interest or concern, mediocrity.
Peace on the other hand is much different (despite the similarity). The key difference to these two words is this; peace, is a calmness in your spirit, and a trusting in the Lord. Indifference is; your in the raging sea, and your boat is sinking, and you really don't care what happens. Peace is; your in the raging sea and despite the dyer situation, your at rest, because you trust that the Lord knows best. Do you see the nuance here? Peace is trust, indifference is a lack of trust and care. You can be a peace when you lose your job, and TRUST that the Lord will help. Or you can be indifference and not trust God, and not care. Ige, I hope you found this helpful.

Ige Oluwatosin

I am just coming from a Bible study now and I came home wih a question raised in my heart. We actually studied REST according to Matthew 11:28. Tha summary of the study is just that REST iS NOT THE ABSENCE OF CHALLENGES, GOD GIVING US PEACE OF MIND IN THE MIDST OF WNY CHAOS WE MAY FIND OURSELVES.

The question is now that "How can we know when a person is actually experiencing the true rest/peace and not just a philosophical pretence of stoics-- a doctrine of indifference. Pls I need more light to this question. Thanks.

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