Persecution Blog: Rashid's Story

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July 01, 2013


Gerald Ruhere

...that is Great, Rashid will witness and will help many others understand how good becoming a Christian is. I pray that, evengelization is empowered in places like where Jordan.


this is my last comment in (because useless i comments and you delete my comments) :

very happy know some new convert to Christians, hope new Christians will not convert to other religions anymore, very sad knew some Christians are convert to other religions, how you begin is less important than how you end is more important, are you still live in JESUS no matter what where when from the beginning until the ending from forever until forever are you still live in JESUS ??? many Christians not understand Bible and many Christians not live according to the Will of GOD and some Christians are still doing sin !!! repent repent repent before too late !!! the judgement of GOD is coming soon !!!

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