Persecution Blog: Is There Any Good News?

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July 17, 2013


Christina Wilson

I can imagine that this is one of your best adventures yet, Linn. I thank the Lord Jesus you are willing to truly see what is going on in the world and want to help us see it also. It is difficult and heartbreaking when we come face-to-face with the depths of depravity that exist in this world. But we don't grieve as those who have no hope! I agree, the Good News triumphs and helping to carry the burden of those in pain and those undergoing persecution is the VERY LEAST I can do. Many people in my country have not endured persecution - so it can be very easy to turn a blind eye and not want to know what is happening all over the world at this very moment. Because to know means that we are without excuse. We can no longer claim ignorance of the realities. Lord, please help us to be willing to internalize what is going on all over the world and to take action as You direct so that Your will is accomplished. Make us so uncomfortable that we repent and begin to truly follow You. Encourage and strengthen our brothers and sisters across the world as they faithfully stand their ground for Your sake.

Gloria Martinez

Thank you for your work. It inspires me and my family. As soon as we get an email or Facebook status from VOM we pray. Me and my 3kids 12,11,7 gather in a circle and pray for wherever there is need. If it weren't for people like you serving The Lord we would not know how to help. Thank you brother in Christ.

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