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July 15, 2013


Joanann Robertson

It has become fashionable, trendy for Christians - those named after our Loving Lord to pursue entertainment of all sorts rather than holy living. When we become absorbed in the 'things' this world has to offer we rob ourselves of that 'closeness' with the Lord Jesus Christ. Almost every form of entertainment is designed to cunningly distract the believer. When that happens our hearts are left longing for the things of this world rather than godliness which leads to a life of true satisfaction and power over the enemy's plans. Holiness - holy living is now viewed with disdain by many and the believer is often persecuted for that lifestyle. The joy of the Lord must continue to be our strength; this will only happen as we read the Word, pray, fellowship with like minded souls and seek the Lord with all of our hearts. The bible says that He is faithful that promised. We will be preserved and 'kept' in this untoward generation, the power of the Holy Spirit who lives within us will strengthen our resolve to be a witness and serve God in spirit and in truth. Let's all submit to His Lordship and be a light shining in this dark world.

verle bell

I was raised in a "holiness" church that stopped talking about holiness. Pew sitters with itching ears wouldn't stand it.
As a boy emulates his father we should thrill to the chance to emulate our heavenly father. Not only in benevolence to the needy, in sacrifice for others, but to be holy as he is holy. We should long to sit in Abba's lap where only holiness is comfortable. Thanks for holding up the standard. May many rally around and fight the good fight.-+

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