Persecution Blog: Do Christians Ever Really Retire?

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July 31, 2013


Elena Massa

Thomas is a dear friend and ministry partner. He is the real deal and has inspired my life in many ways. In just a few years my husband and I will "move on" from the senior pastor position but we fully intend to continue serving on new frontiers. India is at the top of the list. Thomas' ministry is near and dear to our hearts.


it's great to hear that others are doing what i & my husband are ready to do. God let us have afamily & grand kids now it's time to go on with the rest of the life God has for us. thx 4 the ex.

Ann Witham

I agree. God willing, I hope to never retire, but continue to bear fruit for the Lord until my dying day.

Ige Oluwatosin

That's a true counsel for we the upcoming ones. Sometimes questions are raised in my heart when I hear a pastor retiring from God's work. Bible said we shall still produce fruits in our old age. May God shed his light unto our heart that we can bypass our bypass if we put our trust in God. Thanks for this article.


I love this! My husband and I retired January 2012 and did the golf thing for a few months but knew God wanted us to so much more than that with our lives. We've become VOM Reps and can honestly say, we are most content when we are bringing awareness of the Persecuted Church and making known to others how we can serve those who suffer for the cause of Christ.

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