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June 28, 2013


Julie Stevens

u r lifted up to the Most High of the Universe this day, brother well as your wife and her family...We r praying that love, not fear, may encompass their hearts, and open them to the truth. We pray for strength, and courage, .that God's mighty will be done in your lives..and, we KNOW that He will that NOT ONE soul be lost..:)..fasting and praying this day...knowing my Lord hears and acknowledges...prayers to Him r like sweet-smelling incense going up to His nostrils..:)....He LOVES our prayers and harkens to them.:)...<3 sister Julie in Michigan, USA.

Christina in California

Dearest Brother Rashid, I will fast for you today; dear one, may you know the peace that passes understanding (Phil 4:6-7) as you trust yourself to the care and protection of the Holy Spirit, filling you every day. Be blessed, and may your life be a strong testimony to those around you who are seeking Jesus of the Bible. Amen

Rebekah Duchesneau

We are called to pray and fast for Rashid & also for those ministering in the middle east. I count it a blessing to have been made aware of this request. It is an opportunity for a great move of God to be birthed in this one individual & for many to be saved.

Katie Martin

@star777 As I pray and fast for Rashid tomorrow, I will also pray for you. You say you are all alone, that you face many things by yourself. IF you are a Christian, I pray that you let go of all this anger and bitterness. You are angry that many will fast and pray for 1 person. Well, that is how God is towards us. When He sees us, He is very personal and can meet the needs of one person like we are the only one, and we matter to Him. May you come to know what an awesome, personal God we have. May you repent and let go of the bitterness that fills your soul. May your heart be filled with the love of God so that it spills out to others, even that ONE person. We fast and pray for ONE person, because that ONE person matters. We are one in Christ. Our God is a personal God, a loving God, who attends to us as a Father to a child. Tomorrow Rashid will be held up in prayer by many, and since many have heard of his story they are already praying for him. Tomorrow I pray for two people, Rashid and you. "God so loved the world that He gave his one and only Son, that whosoever believes in Him shall not perish but have eternal life. " John 3:16


I pray for Asia Bibi and many other Christians that are being tortures suffers in many prisons in many countries in the world, may GOD release all of Christians free amen.

Katie Martin

Praying and fasting for Rashid on Monday, July 1st. I am praying that the Lord touches him deeply, so that he knows how much his Heavenly Father loves him. So that on Monday, he will feel the power and presence of his family in Christ praying for him. This will build his faith and give him the strength he will need in these upcoming days. God bless him, his family in Christ do love and care for him, we are one in Christ.


i will not pray fast for 1 person only because pray fast for 1 person only is not justice for many others need to be pray fast. for justice must write here all names need to be pray fast.

for justice i will pray for all of Christians in the world, no matter what, no matter where, no matter when, no matter who: hope wish GOD JESUS SAVIOR help all of Christians amen !!!

i pray only, i not fast, because i not understand about fast, why need fast? what purpose fast? what benefit fast? what effect fast? is GOD will granted the prayer request by fast?

GOD will granted prayer request: not by fast, not by the will of us, but by the Will of GOD !!! not according to how many people pray fast and not according to how many days pray fast, but by according to the Will of GOD, the prayer request will be granted by GOD ALMIGHTY !!!


Will fast for you in Randolph, Wisconsin, USA.

Jacqueline Saenz

I pray that God will comfort Rachid in his brokenness, and restore onto him the joy of his salvation. May God uphold you, brother Rashid, as you fight the good fight of faith!

Miri F.

"Who then will condemn us? It is Christ Jesus who died - yea, rather, who is risen again, who is seated at the right hand of God, who also makes intersession for us."
Let's join our Lord in making intercession for our brother...God is searching for people on earth who will agree with what He wills in heaven.


Yes, I will pray for him, and fast as the Lord leads. Prayer is powerful because we have a powerful God. "Who knows what miracles He can achieve if we believe..."

Oregon, USA

Chris Nugent

I can't do it Monday because I work during the week, but I will fast tomorrow instead. Also, Rashid, if you get to see this, remember that the Body of Christ extends beyond life and death. Those who are already in Heaven can (and will) pray for you too.

Cindy Rader

Peace be with you Rashid! Yes I will pray and fast for you on July 1.

Judah Ivy

I've been fasting today, and will be praying for "Rashid" & Jordan.

S. Heinold

Will be praying, brother.

Bill Largen

We are all in this together, as Christian brothers and sisters. Yes, I will pray, and yes I will fast for our brother Rashid!
Bill from the U.S.A.


I will be praying brother.
From Brazil.

Jessica Vasquez

Please tell Rashid that I have visited his beautiful country of Jordan and that I will pray for my brother, whom I love very much. Stay strong in the Lord brother.


I will pray and fast for you, Brother Rashid. Stay strong and we will meet together in Heaven one day.
Because of Jesus,

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