Persecution Blog: Asia Bibi Update

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June 27, 2013


Judy Fair

I pray that you would be encouraged and remember when others to were bound in prison started thanking and praising God then, all the doors opened up for them. I must believe that your doors to will open and you will return to your family... May the Spirit of God rest on you and be with you. May you feel His very presence in the room with you... May Jesus be lifted up!!!!!!

Vishwanatham - family & friends

We sincerely pray for her health,mental strength and to give her strong internal strength to pass these though days quickly. These bad days are just passing clouds. We also pray the almighty to give better sense to the Pakistanis and spare this poor woman, human life is more precious than any religion.

Cameron McGough

I've been praying for Asia and her family for some time now. I appreciate the update, even though it's not the news of her release. May the Lord give her and her family all that she needs physically and spiritually as she endures for the name of Jesus Christ.

I'm praying and believing God for this woman's release and that she will be reunited with her family. In Jesus name.

Angela McCready

We have prayed much for Asia Bibi since we heard of her imprisonment. My prayer today is that this move to another prison will work out for her good. What man plans for bad God can work for good. What God did for Joseph he can do for Asia. We pray God will touch and heal her body too.

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