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May 22, 2013



GOD the spiritual can see human the material.
human the material can not see the spiritual GOD.

spiritual can see spiritual and spiritual can see material.
material can see material but material can not see spiritual.

spiritual can hear spiritual and spiritual can hear material.
material can hear material but material can not hear spiritual.

spiritual is spiritual not material.
material is material not spiritual.

spiritual is eternal not temporary.
material is temporary not eternal.

Jim Cramer

Dr. Stultz says nothing particularly profound here and is in fact inaccurate at times. For it's really not true that "the naturalistic view includes both science . . . and occultism." Naturalism and occultism are very different things, and the way Stultz defines occultism fits classical Roman paganism but not other versions of occultism. It's a bad sign when you quote Schaeffer. Schaeffer's intellectual Christianity turned out to be extremely narrow.

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