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May 17, 2013



I come from Nepal thank you for giving the bibles to my family


Have Bible the Word of GOD .
Read Bible the Word of GOD .
Understand Bible the Word of GOD .
Do according to Bible the Word of GOD .
Life in Faith Love Holy according to Bible the Word of GOD .


It thrills my heart to read that more have gotten Bibles and how much it has blessed them. Then I feel shame at all the different Bibles I own. Both printed and the KJV on DVD and Matthew, John & Acts also on DVD. And how easy it is for me to listen or read God's Word online. Thank you for being another wonderful group who uses the money donated actually for what it is given. Besides your and GFA, I try now to make sure my donations go to those who actually do spread God's Word. I regret not always checking out those sad pleas for money that only put money in their administrations pocket.

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