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April 16, 2013



if i live in China , i want change all people of China to be CHRISTIAN ! look like i am dreaming ! i want i wish i hope i can change all human to be CHRISTIAN ! but i know the Law of GOD and i know the Love of GOD ! may GOD JESUS SAVIOR the ALMIGHTY GOD the POWERFUL GOD the MERCYFUL GOD save many people of China and many people of World ... amen !!!


What a neat story! I've never experienced such a thing but I hope that if I ever do I will be this cheerful in any situation.

Shae Reub

Yes I would regardless if the people in there were innocent or criminals. Everyone (no matter what life style they're living) needs to hear Gods word, and I would glad speak it to anyone who doesn't know God, or who wants to know more.


I feel so empty and my life full of vanity, while these Christians have so little, persecuted in 2013 and yet so filled with love, joy, and purpose. Glory of god be upon them.

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