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April 18, 2013


Randall Burgess

Sadly I can walk into most North American congregations and find the first two weeds growing somewhere. Our work is never done until He calls us home.

Randall Burgess


This was an insightful and helpful post. As I contemplate witnessing to Muslims in my community I will be better informed as to how to approach the subject.


Ayatollah Mohammad Kazemeni Boroujerdi (m) is a Shi’a cleric who advocates for the separation of religion and state and has spoken out on behalf of the rights of Iran’s religious minorities as well as those of its Shi’a Muslim majority. In October 2006, he was arrested and imprisoned without charge. He and seventeen of his followers were tried by a special court with jurisdiction over Shi’a clerics and sentenced to death on spurious charges, including “enmity against God” and spreading propaganda against the regime. After an appeal, the death sentence was withdrawn and Ayatollah Boroujerdi was sentenced to eleven years in prison. He, as well as all Muslims, need and deserve our prayers. (Source: The Tom Lantos Human Rights Commission)


This was extremely encouraging. I'm working with female Muslim college students and sometimes it feels like the friendships are growing and Jesus isn't being revealed. I keep being reminded that God will do the work, I just need to be there with them taking opportunities to share His love and let Christ love be reflected through me. It is a struggle.


the Salvation is by the Will of GOD !
by GOD the Salvation will done !
GOD know every person !
GOD know how to Save !
but not all will be Save !
only the Chosen by the Will of GOD will be Save !


I believe that my family and I are called to go and reach out to Muslims. What are some recommended steps we can take? What are some good contacts?

Ron Downing

I have worked with Muslims in Indonesia and what you say is very true. Much groundwork needs to be done in preparation for sowing the good seed.


Thanks for posting this! I loved this. Very encouraging! Sometimes it seems overwhelming when people are confused or deceived about the gospel. But I need to look at them like little weeds that need to be uprooted one by one.


Excellent - would that all true followers of Jesus would have the patient love and the skill sets to win these wonderful people to Christ. 'There is one God and one mediator between God and men, the man Christ Jesus.' 1 Tim 2:5.

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