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March 21, 2013



A woman with 2 children decided to follow Jesus. Her husband told her she must choose to be a Muslim or he would leave her. She chose to follow Christ so now she is a single mom. I mailed her this blog. We will pray for her husband.


I have been praying for a Muslim woman named Shamaila, her daughters and her family for at least a year. We were communicating via email until one day she stopped...I sure pray she's okay and her two little girls. I have recently met a lady and her daughter who claim to be (Muslim)...I gave the mother a tract and have been praying for her and her daughter since that day. Yes, this is so important for us to keep these people in our prayers and share the love of Jesus with them any opportunity we get!


If forgot to say that my friend got muslim roots !


I have a friend, who i was prayin for his salvation ! And the Lord truely gave as a situation, were we could talk about Jesus and what He has done for us.
Now my Friend believes into God and want to know more of Him.
God is listening to our prayers 4 sure !!! :D HALELUJAH :D

Jerry Edmonds

Have a former associate pastor that was a missionary in a Muslim country for over 10 years. Learned a lot from him. He was introduced frequently as "This is ____ and he's from America, but he likes us." Sobering thing to hear.


I met a lady at my son's Taekwondo class who is a Muslim. We got to know each other a little then we moved out of state because of my husband's job. I think of her now and then. I will however start praying for her more specifically for her salvation and her family. Her name is Hannan.


I pray for God to send dreams to Muslims in places where it is very hard to hear the gospel. I pray that these dreamers will be assured that Jesus is real, that they they will seek out believers who can help them, and that they will find joy and peace as they encounter Jesus.


i have friends from other religions.
i was pray for my friends salvation.
i hope GOD JESUS save my friends.

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