Persecution Blog: Kids grateful for Bibles

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March 04, 2013


Jack Coleman

What encouraging testimonies about the value of VOM's work! And what precious words "from the mouths of babes."


good to know children want to have Bible and want to read Bible the Word of GOD and want to be a Christian Believe in GOD JESUS SAVIOR and want to live according to the Will of GOD.

hope all children faith will remained faith full until grow up and until old age and until forever.

it is very important to build strong faith since children. because in the future will come many temptation and testing to their faith. more faith more test. test from self, others, evils, etc.

pray pray pray : may GOD JESUS SAVIOR always love forgive protect bless help save all of us (from baby to children to young to old and forever), in the name of GOD JESUS SAVIOR amen.

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