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March 05, 2013



Lord Jesus, thank you. Thank you for all of these family members who love You so much, thank you for those who suffer and for those who support the ones who suffer; Thank you that through your Spirit we can feel each other's pain. Please continue, Father, to pour Your Spirit out on this work and blessings on each believer, to feel Your presence there, guiding and comforting them...
Can't wait for that second installment!!


Thank you so much all VOM workers for the part that you do! Jesus will reward those who are "faithful in little", for those are the same who will be "faithful in much"! Keep on loving the Lord Jesus through His precious body of saints throughout the earth and "weeping with those who weep, rejoicing with those who rejoice"...What a privilege it would be to speak with dear sister and hear her guys almost make me jealous! :-) If the Lord hadn't called me to something else, this would be the job I would beg Him for - as it is, I will be content as He has placed me. Never take for granted what you have! Thanks for your dedication and for giving us this fascinating "inside look". May He continue to touch your hearts and draw you closer to Him as you learn to "count the cost"...


thanks GOD help us !
good work doing the mission !
pray : GOD protect us & help us amen !

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