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March 26, 2013



When our sweet Muslim brothers and sisters (the really radical ones :)) find the true saviour they will put us to shame with their exuberance and devotion...
I cannot tell you how much I love them...they are seeing the light, Jesus is coming to them in dreams too. Seek Him and you will find Him. Ask Him to show Himself and He will.


By the WILL of GOD

By the WORK of GOD

the salvation will done

not by the will of others

not by the work of others

by GOD salvation will done

From GOD, By GOD, For GOD


As the tears of "joy" flow from my eyes for this PRECIOUS family and HOW they received the Salvation from Jesus, I too, at the same time, am convicted of my "unGodly" thoughts about Muslims at times. I have asked the LORD to forgive me and give me a NEW HEART toward these people.
I have said for YEARS that a Muslim who converts to Christianity will be an unwavering believer! I have prayed for the salvation of Muslims for a long time and this video and story touches my heart DEEPLY!! They are the confirmation that my prayers have not gone unanswered!!! Thank you for sharing this!! I will continue to pray that ALL people will come to know the truth of WHO JESUS is and receive Him as their Savior and LORD!

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