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February 27, 2013



GOD JESUS MESSIAH is the Creator the Almighty the MOST MOST MOST MOST MOST PERFECT. all creatures are not perfect. only GOD is PERFECT. THE PERFECT GOD demand the best perfect quality from the imperfect human.

how can the imperfect human will be the best quality to the demand of THE PERFECT GOD ?

the only one way to prove the best quality is MUST to TEST TEST TEST TEST TEST TEST TEST until the final result is the best perfect quality according to the Will of GOD JESUS MESSIAH !!!

faith small test small. faith big test big. faith little test little. faith much test much. faith few test few. faith many test many. faith less test less. faith more test more. faith low test low. faith high test high.

how can the imperfect human will be the best quality to the demand of THE PERFECT GOD ?

only with GOD then will pass test as best perfect quality ! without GOD then will be nothing !

William Powell

Star777, some of the answers are in the Bible and the rest if you put your trust in the Lord with all your heart and accept as your personal Savior and Lord, he will take away your sins and cleanse of all unrighteousness. Come to Jesus, then while some of these questions might have answers and some might not you will have the faith, when crazy things like this might happen. God does not create evil, people choose to do evil, whether it be murder, adultery, etc. I am not all-knowing and I am thankful I am not. Just accept Jesus Christ. That is all I ask and if you do, there will be a party in heaven over you being saved. God bless and thank you VOM!


my purpose wish want is to understand all everything. why GOD created all everything? why GOD created the good and the evil? why GOD created the eternal heaven and the eternal hell? why GOD created the temporary world? why GOD created the temporary life and the eternal life? why GOD created the temporary die and the eternal die? why GOD created angels, human, animal, plants, devils, etc? why GOD put human into the temporary world? why the temporary world must have teaching and testing? what the purpose of GOD? .......


If you used just one word to describe the persecuted church, I think that word would be prayer. They are a praying people. It was Watchman Nee, a Chinese christian who himself was persecuted for his faith, that said, "Why do we work so much and pray so little when we can accomplish much more by our prayer than by our work?"


This post is really very deep. Often when we are moved by something, we want to "do" something. But the truth is, the very thing that God may want us to "do" is simply speak to Him. It is impossible to have a relationship with someone that you never speak to. Prayer brings us before the throne. Someone once said, "Too many in the West are entertaining instead of intervening". Because earth here is just a shadow of the real, heavenly world, here is only one way to really change things...and that is before the throne. As another way to put it: Change reality. Then the shadow will change!

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