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February 05, 2013


Tom H

May God use each of us, and may each of us be asking Him to be used as He is using David.
Thank you David for abiding in His love. My prayers are according to your request.

Katherine Harms

I join these prayers for Pastor David. May he be blessed every day with the clear vision of his work for Christ that will give him confidence to continue. May he and his family be surrounded and protected by God's angel-army that protected Elisha so powerfully. May we who face only scorn, not knives, be strong to testify with love for our opponents as Pastor David testifies does.

Chandra Naylor

I am always humbled by these stories. I pray for God's protection for this pastor and his family and congregation. I pray they will all speak God's Truth with wisdom and love.


when i am in suffer of problem and i pray ask GOD to help me and GOD answer me by remind me of other Christian suffer persecution. my light suffer can not compare with other Christian heavy suffer persecution.

GOD will answer the request of prayer according to wisdom_&_will of GOD.
GOD make us the best through the worse.
GOD love us.

i pray : GOD JESUS strengthen Christian, and GOD JESUS give Christian more love to love more, and GOD JESUS help Christian free from suffer persecution, and GOD JESUS bless Christian peace joy happy, thanks GOD JESUS help us amen.

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