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February 26, 2013


Wendi Sustaire

STAR777, God does not cause these evil things to happen. God is all good, He cannot by virtue of who He is, commit evil. He gave us free will, He could have made us all into creatures that only do good, but He wants us to come to Him freely. Because of this, some of us choose to do good in this world, but on the flip side, some of us also choose to commit evil. Persecution and martyrism happen in our broken world, we live in a fallen creation, those Christians died for Christ and shall reap their reward in Heaven. This life really is nothing compared to that which we will experience after we die. Stay strong in the faith.


GOD is very very very mysterious, no one can understand GOD, GOD let the killer do evil kill 1000 Christian, and then GOD change the killer repent to be Christian, and then the ex-killer now as Christian make 1000000 others to be Christian. ( sacrificed few to save many [?] GOD not always protect Christian [?] GOD like to test Christian faith by use evils do test [?] )

why why why why why why why GOD let evils do evil things ??? .........................................

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