Persecution Blog: IRAN: “I am in a fight with myself every day”

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February 15, 2013



Thank you, STAR777, for all your comments. Very encouraging!
"What are the challenges that you must overcome each day in order to fully serve Christ?"
The greatest challenge I must overcome every day to FULLY serve my Lord is...myself. I'm selfish. I have my wants, wishes, desires...these, and even my preferences can be dangerously detrimental to living Christ. And, as she says in the beginning of the interview, the only thing that will always overcome it is Jesus' the point where I love Him more. It's more extreme circumstances, but it's the same battle. "Perfect love casts out fear." This woman's love and trust in God is truly phenomenal - may we all surrender to Him to this extent! God give us all the courage to overcome!


Thank you, Lord, that You win this fight...every day. We want You to win in our lives, too...we may struggle and "fight with ourselves", but in the end, Jesus gives us the courage to act for Him.


to be Christian
first must BRAVE
second must FAITH
third must LOVE

pray pray pray
GOD give us BRAVE
GOD give us FAITH
GOD give us LOVE

no matter what
no matter when
no matter where

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