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January 30, 2013



Lord, thank you for sheltering and protecting Danmaya. Thank you for her testimony and her courage, her independence on You...her joy. Father, we are so grateful how You have used our sister to encourage believers all over the world, and that the person who went all that way to hear her story was actually encouraged by her! Father, please pour out your special blessing on this our beautiful sister. She is so special to us, and we know she is to You, too. Never let anyone steal her joy in You. Grow her in Your school of suffering, but grant that she would keep moving forward with You, not stopping, not being discouraged, but always pressing on, "looking to Jesus, the author and perfecter of our faith". Fill her spirit with You to overflowing, so she may realize what "great and precious promises" we have been given! And then cause her to lay hold of the, really, not intellectually, not just in her mind, but to get it, in real life, to experience those promises being fulfilled...over and over and over again. Lord, lead all of those at VOM into a deeper relationship with You, and keeping calling them to You, and leading them, and teaching them. Thank You that You alone are all we need...totally sufficient for "life and godliness"! Praise You Lord Jesus!


This is just another testimony of VOM and their work in this world. But more importantly is that Jesus and the "good news" be told to all the world for them to accept (please Lord let it be so) or if not at least we've tried, helped, carried and many more acts of love in His name. His appearing to people not anywhere near our faith or thinking shows the end is nearing, I believe. Pray we follow in His path. Because in the middle of beLIEve is LIE. That's what the "father of all lies" has done to those who follow them to beLIEve the lie. This woman has faith, she doesn't just believe, she KNOWS the truth and the truth has set her free. Come Lord Jesus come.

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