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January 16, 2013



Amen, Micky!


My sister and I used to be very close, but she is Jewish and thinks I'm morbid for talking about the persecuted church and reading about martyrs; She says the stories are depressing. I wouldn't go so far as to say that I've been rejected or persecuted in that relationship, but she does get pretty upset with me sometimes, and every time the media splashes news about another hypocritical Christian star, she'll call up and have a pretty accusatory tone bringing it up. As a Christian, I get the blame for everything done in the name of Christianity...and trust me, it isn't all good...

I just finished the book, "Faithful unto Death", and it is as good as it sounds! Since I've watched the movie "Malatya" about the same event, I wasn't expecting to learn a lot, but as it turns out the book, written by Necati's brother-in-law, is rich with details, as well as the story of Necati's conversion, marriage, and the move leading up to the Malatya Massacre. For anyone out their considering buying it, please do! It's worth the read.
Angela, it's not always easy to stand for Christ, but it is *always* worth it. No compromise! :-)


Yes, though not in such an extreme way. I have had to plainly lay out my faith and my convictions to follow the Lord according to His Word, and it hasn't been received well by my mother. After many years of heartache and just quietly enduring her criticism and ridicule, I had to draw a line in the sand and say that I am a Christian, and that I'm living my life according to the Bible. Either she will love me for me, or she won't, but I won't continue to cower under her belittling of my family's convictions. It was hard, and it caused a huge fight, but she finally knows that I'm serious and that I value my relationship with Christ supremely.

Tom G


I am so sorry to hear about your daughters. My prayer is that God would work in this situation for His glory and your reconciliation. When things look lost and hopeless, it is the God of all hope who works unseen through the heart to reconcile. Ironic I posted this on FB today after reading a story about a hopeless woman: There is hope when we are hopeless. There is encouragement when we are discouraged. There is fellowship when we are lonely and there is sustenance when we are in need. This is the God who sees all, knows all, loves all and is powerful to save, heal and restore.

Ava Anderson-Kemper

Yes. Both of my daughters have rejected me because of my faith.

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