Persecution Blog: Merry Christmas and What I've Learned from the Persecuted Church

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December 21, 2012


Stacy Harp

Thank you for your thoughtful comments, Rebecca and Scott. Hope you had a great Christmas.

Scott Thomas

wish you a Merry Christmas

Rebecca Cohen

Hello Stacy,

Thank you for all these years you've invested in writing this blog. I only regret I have not followed you on here until now & when you won't be writing the blog anymore.
We will be following you @persecutiontalk.

I heed what you have said about putting the Word of God in our heart & memorizing it.
I am thankful for the Christians I can have a solid fellowship with and sad that the number is small. Many play church.
No matter, Christ is huge in my life and the mainstay of all my life is!
Many Orthodox Jews still hate Christ and curse me for accepting Christ to this day. I am grateful for some in my family who have come to know Him and others who are close.
Sadly the Christians who helped with my conversion cared less about my growth than about how many they prayed with. But you know, the Spirit of the Living God is great and put me in fellowship with those who truly know Him and care about others well being.

America truly has not a clear concept of what the persecuted church is about.
In some Jewish homes, one can be punished or slapped across the face for speaking Jesus name.
There are others who suffer far worse, even giving their lives for their faith. Yes, some can do it all with more joy than others. We are all human and falter.
His grace is so much enough for all no matter what.
Thank you, Stacy for your heart for Christ and His persecuted Church. I don't believe it's by accident He has drawn me to your ministry.
Blessings upon blessings this Christmas with more joy from Him than you have ever known.

Stacy Harp

Hi Micky,

Thank you for sharing your heart with me also. I don't think it's silly at all that you would feel a kinship with me or the persecuted church, since after all, we are bound together with them.

I am sad to be going also, but you can still follow me on twitter at @stacyharp or @persecutiontalk - I will continue to encourage us all to remember the persecuted church. I think it's very cool that you're only 18 years old and have a heart for the persecuted church and I'm confident that the Lord will use you to inspire others. Stay in the Word and pursue Christ with all you've got. :)

Stacy Harp


Thank you for sharing your thoughts. I shared your comments with my husband and he asked me if I had tears in my eyes when I wrote this today and I told him yes. He said that explains why you could feel the way you do. I am just like you when it comes to being joyful for being persecuted for my faith, but I can say that over the years God has refined that in me, and I know He will touch you in the same way. Thanks for your encouragement.


So wonderful. Stacy, you have a heart for God that inspires me...I admire so much what you do. I know it's kind of silly, but I feel a connection and sort of kinship with you...and this blog has been such a tool. You've been updating it as long as I've been reading it, and I remember being so touched by the personal stories and tidbits you'd post every once-in-a-while. I'm sad to see you go, but I wish you with my whole heart, God's presence leading and comforting you this Winter

18 years old
Western Oregon


Brought tears to my eyes. Thanks you for your testimony. I have trouble counting it all joy when I am persecuted for my faith. I have nothing to complain about as I trust God will do a work in my heart to help me to trust Him.

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