Persecution Blog: Christian Prisoner in Vietnam Released from Prison

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March 30, 2010


Stacy Harp

Well said Betsy. Thank you for your comment. :)


After reading what the martyrs go through in prison, it seems simplistic to say "Yes, I am strong enough in my faith to weather anything." What if, like Tom White related in God's Missiles Over Cuba, you heard children screaming in the next cell, being beaten in order to make you talk? These are things we don't think about ocurring when we quickly answer.
Yet, like Pastor Wurmbrand and Tom White discovered, when intimacy with the Lord is daily maintained and one does not rely on one self but rather on the supernatural strength which He provides, there is an assurance that we can have victory in the darkest of hell-holes because He will never leave us nor forsake us. We have only to keep our eyes on Him and though we may not understand the reasons for the suffering all about us, we can trust Him.
As so many of God's children have discovered, when and if such a time should come, we will find abundant grace for the moment.

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