Persecution Blog: Are You A Christian?

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August 03, 2009


Inemesit Emmanuel

It's an interesting question indeed. The challenge is living out the life of Christ in my immediate environment. I confess that I sometimes make choices that raise questions about my Christian heritage. The major issue is yielding to the Holy Spirit to rein in the flesh since I can't do this in my own strength. My confidence is in the Lord to see me through to the end of this most interesting journey.

D. McCarville

You are inspiring with your directness.

Many times it is difficult to identify as a Christian not because of what being Christian means, but because of what society interprets Christian to mean.

Certainly not all Christians have precisely the same views or practices, but often times the social stigma attached to some Christians expands to encompass us all.

mark swecker

Before Jesus went to the cross, the disciple Peter failed this test; he denied the Lord three times.

After the resurrection (John 21), Jesus asked him three times, "do you love me?" Although Peter answered "yes" three times,the questioning made him feel uncomfortable.

Then Jesus lovingly answered the question for Peter, by telling him he would die a martyrs death (John 21:18-19).

We can die for the Lord if we love Him. We love Him if we have been born again. All true Christians are "heart" martyrs. We can answer "yes" in the power of the Holy Spirit.

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