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May 18, 2009


Tom Schuckman

I write a Christian based journal too, that also tries to assist other disabled Veterans deal with the corrupt VA and Gov't systems.
After reading Randy Alcorn's book, SAFELY HOME, I now feel that helping Gospel-hungry people in Asia, etc is more important than most of my past endeavors, except that I daily search God's Word personally and grow close to Jesus. I firmly believe and SEE the world slide deeper into Satan's corrupt, immoral world of death and misery. All real, biblical Christians MUST know that things will SOON get a lot worse.

Tom Schuckman
Jesus is Lord.




Yes, I believe that persecution is coming to America, and I agree with Randy that the real question is when. I think this because the country has become so radically polarized, especially in the past few years. Christians are regularly mocked and ridiculed, but worst of all is that they are being repeatedly identified as what is wrong with the country. The trend of thought seems to be that if Christianity could just be silenced then America would be a better place.

We have brought some of this on ourselves. Too many Christians do not live the Gospel with consistency and authenticity. We call what happened to Carrie Prejean "persecution" but we support waterboarding. We spend Sundays at the mall worshipping Mammon. We spend much of our time as the world does, absorbed with ourselves and our stuff, preaching that material prosperity is what God wants for us, and wonder why so few people seem to respect Christianity anymore.

I fear for our country, and I fear for us Christians. We have not been the light that the Lord wants us to be. We have become spiritually fat and lazy, and when the persecution comes, how many of us will be able to take up the cross? How many will be able to lay down their lives? Only a remnant, I believe. The rest of us will become collaborators with the persecutors: "But small is the gate and narrow the road that leads to life, and only a few will find it."


Christian should be. it doesn't matter if you're from US or anywhere, Christian will be persecuted. As long as we are in this fallen world, sin and the devil will continually resist us. if there's no longer resistance, then we need to rethink things. we migh be going with the flow.


Seems to me that apostasy has already happened and a persecution may be in order to separate wheat from chaff, for "Judgement must begin at the household of God". All things whatsoever they are that come to pass are ordained by God - 1689SLC.

Tim Lehmann

When we read of pastors being jailed for their stand on abortion, in Kansas; when we read what happened to Carrie Prejean, can we even ask this question? Persecution is in America. It will get worse. Does this surprise you? It shouldn't. They hated Jesus so why would they not hate you if you are a follower and imitator if Him?


This is something that protestant churches have study and believed and preached in the early centuries.. The Seventh Day Adventist and the Southern Baptist church have been the only one who has not stepped off that platform that since 1840s A Book "The Great Controversy" which many can download from the net outline exactly what would happen and so far as for as predictions this book is on target thus far.
Some protestant churches are expecting Persecution to come.
The laws are in place,The persecuting power wound is close to being healed.
The instruments are in place the policing of the state.
And the tools are there for persecution to come in like a flood.
Certainly Daniel 12:1, Matthew 24:21,Isaiah 19:1-24. will come to past.

Tara Wagner

I believe American is slowly becoming an anti-Christian nation. A large step in that direction was when the recent Hate Crime Law was passed that will persecute pastors and other public figures for standing up for what they believe. I think the best ways we can be ready to pray for our nation, and especially our president. I think being in the know about politics is important. Knowing what's going on in the government can keep us from being surprised when they try to pull the wool over our eyes. Pastors need to be strong in the Lord and not let anything keep them from speaking the truth. The church needs to stick together and be watchful of everything that is going on in our country.

Robert Carey

I doubt persecution will ever be an accurate way to describe the way Christians are treated in America. However, those who hold and promote views which are unsustainable in the light of evidence will no doubt become increasingly marginalized. Believers need to find a way to present their narrative in a way which offers a deeper explanation of scientific truth and not to oppose scientific fact. The Bible was never intended to be a scientific document, rather a metaphor to help gain a deeper understanding.

Randy Williams

I think Persecution is coming though when is the big question. In fairness I think American Christianity as a whole has been very poor in preaching the Gospel and seems to follow every modern trend and seek to be "cool" and has become very worldly. The fact is we are losing many of our young people to the World. Churches need to get back to teaching and preaching the core doctrines of Christianity and get away from much of the silliness and junk theology that seems so prominent in American Christianity. Let us pray that if or when persecution comes we will be ready to take that stand for Christ and be equipped for the spiritual war we will face.

Magister Christianus

Yes, it is coming and in some measures is already here. It is persecution when Christians feel, for whatever reason, that in the land of the free they are not free to speak the truth of Jesus Christ in the public square.

In preparation for the greater persecutions to come, we must train our children well in the Scriptures. They must be able, as Scripture says, to give a reason for the the faith they have. They must be articulate defenders and standard bearers of the faith inside all academic disciplines and walks of life. We must drop the notion that children need to be entertained in order to learn the truths and the Truth of our faith. I am a high school teacher and I know full well the level of serious intellectual engagement that our children are capable of. When our children have been reared in the truth, goodness, and beauty of the Christian faith as it has been revealed and lived out throughout time and around the world, then they will be prepared to don their spiritual armor and, having done all necessary things, to make their stand.



My goodness, several of us have been saying this for YEARS but it hasn't been until recently that American Christians are asking this question. But the signs have been there for a long time. It's a slow progression, and it seems we're suffering from the "frog in the frying pan" syndrome... we don't see things heating up until it's too late. Look at how today's media can trash Christians up one side & down the other, and it's acceptable. No one is coming to our defense because they are starting to believe what they say. Then things like that pastor in IL being shot in church, and a Christian teacher in MI being fired for leading a Muslim to Christ, are becoming more & more commonplace. Wake UP church!!! It's not going to get better!

Ditto everything Doug said, and I would also add that in our personal walk with the Lord, we need to focus on LOVING Him with all we've got. Look at the stories of believers who remained faithful in the face of persecution... the only thing that kept them going was their absolute devotion to Jesus Himself. Theology, ideals, and all other passions can crumble under enough pressure, but even Scripture attests that the greatest (and strongest!) thing in the world is love (SOS 8:6b-7, 1 Cor. 13:13).

Speaking of Scripture, imagine if from these "hate speech" laws, the Bible itself is outlawed. Do you know Scripture well enough to draw strength from it and share your faith? I think we need to take memorization more seriously in the Church. Personally, a few years ago I started memorizing the New Testament, and yes it can be done.

We might take some lessons from the times of the Underground Railroad. We may need to be able to move ourselves & others around without detection. Just something to think about.


Depends on how you define persecution. This is a lot trickier of a question to answer than it appears at first blush. There is no univerally agreed upon answer and hence, how you answer these questions depends on how broadly or narrowly you want to define it. The issue somes ultimately down to a biblical versus a human rights definition. Both are useful in their place.



Mark 13:13 And ye shall be hated of all men for my name's sake: but he that shall endure unto the end, the same shall be saved.



Yes---it's not here yet, but it is coming.

We need to elevate the standard of Christianity, and go ahead and be prepared to offend the casual members and participants in our churches, we need to disciple and teach the Word of God, because when that time comes, most American churches will not have guided their people to know the Bible well enough to draw their strength from it. We've spent too much time on success and prosperity.

We also need to develop true fellowship among believers, preparing for a time that our lives will actually depend on each other. Think about it, in most churches, how well do you really know your fellow Christians? Do you know them well enough to trust them with your life? With your children if you are taken away?

There are practical issues as well, such as learning to live some other way than buying all of our food at the store, learning to worship without fancy buildings and powerpoint slides.

May we exercise our American freedoms to turn the direction of our country and avoid it, but as we are going now, persecution will come to America. May we not ignore our persecuted brothers and sisters now, while we are free and rich.

Stacy Harp


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