Persecution Blog: Hillary Clinton: Human Rights Not a Priority With China

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February 24, 2009


Nom d'un chien

Not surprising, the Clintons are well known pro-chinese, Bill campains was partially financed by funds from China.


This isn't surprising as the Clintons are not noted for their humanitarian values. But she is an Obama woman, and will probably kow-tow to his every immoral wish and decry.

Way to go Hillary, you consistently disappoint, but, at least you are consistent!


What really gets me, but does not surprise me, is that Clinton portrays herself as out to help the common folk, and pushes socialized health care mandatory. Yet here she is plainly stating that economic issues are going to be more important to her than human rights while dealing with China.
Global ecoomic issues?!?!? Come now, she might as well say, "I know you imprison and torture grandmothers, but please keep buying our treasury bonds!!!!"


This is very distressing. How can it be possible for Clinton to think the global economy is more important than human rights? We must pray. As Delirious so aptly put it in their song "White Ribbon Day", "Only God can save our nation now."

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