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November 10, 2008


Kevin Sorensen

We used almost our entire pastoral prayer time to focus in on the persecuted church around the world. One of my elders used a list of prayer items from your website to lead us in this corporate time of prayer. During my children's sermon last week, I used one of the parachutes we'll be sending to go to Colombia to talk about the need to get the Gospel to those who do persecute God's people. Then, just yesterday, I used the large 4x5 banner/map that we had hanging in the front of our sanctuary (for 4 weeks now) to show the young kids (2-8 year olds) where God's people suffer the most. I then led these young hearts in prayer for God's church around the world and for those who persecute them. It was a good day.

Stacy Harp


Praise the Lord! That is such a great testimony! Thank you for sharing with us.


Our pastor takes this day very seriously. He taught a bit about the persecuted church, then we showed a 14 minute video and then everyone turned to their neighbor and we had corporate prayer for 20 minutes. It was an amazing powerful time and I always look forward to this day.

Stacy Harp

Hi Amanda,

We got it! Thank you! :)

Miss Amanda

I don't attend church, but I posted about IDOP on our magazine website (
I also sent out a reminder to my mailing list of 200 and many of my friends and readers posted about IDOP.
Of course, I also prayer throughout the day for the persecuted!
Thank you The Voice of the Martyrs for you ministry and also for producing ways for us to get involved to help our brothers and sisters who are suffering for Christ's name!
Prayers and Blessings,
Miss Amanda

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