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November 17, 2008


Christian Blog

Religion and violence do go hand in hand, but not just so because of the people themselves, but the war of spiritual realm too.

Rick Warden

It's starting to get more ugly, and not just in distant countries and past histories. A real bad sign is the extreme apathy. Article "When Martyrdom is Meh" has some references at my blog

Jonathan Wells

This must show that Christ shall soon return.

Heidi Rafferty

I look at this and think to myself, God doesn't want robots. It's why He gave us free will and minds that search for Him and the truth. The beauty of "being wrong about God" is that if the person is truly seeking God, if the person is truly seeking TRUTH, I believe God honors that search. I have heard of a revival among Muslims, for example, who have recently seen visions of Jesus. Although we in America don't get these visions, I can see that God uses the Islamic need for visions and reaches them in that method -- because that is their point of need to find Him. This is why I believe that if the person's heart is right, true and pure, God will get to that person, no matter what. God reaches down and hugs us when we don't even know it's Him. So yes, although the writer of this editorial probably didn't have the intent of demonstrating the love of God with his or her words, he or she did just that -- and I am in agreement.

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