Persecution Blog: A Powerful Testimony of a Muslim Coming to Faith in Jesus

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November 17, 2008



Stacy - Thank you so much for your post on my recent interview with Janet. I'm so thrilled to see God's story on my life has impacted and encouraged.

Thank you again.

God Bless,


Janet's comment "This should change the way you pray for the middle east and muslims"

We can only hope that it does.

This is a spiritual battle and is in fact the ultimate battle in the war of Good Vs. evil. This battle, like all spiiritual battles can only be won through the proclaimation of the Gospel and through prayer.


GREAT STORY! Tass Saada has a dramatic conversion story, and has done a lot with his faith in God. Very inspiring. This makes me want to pray for muslims more, and also buy his book! Thanks for posting this.

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