Persecution Blog: State Dept. Drops China from Rights Violators' List

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March 14, 2008



The reason? Simple enough. Money & political influence.It's easy to criticize countries like Eritrea and Sudan when it doesn't cost you anything. But China is a big market for US business. There is very little mystery here. It's the same reason countries like Saudi Arabia, Egypt, and Pakistan are treated with such kit gloves


I am in agreement; China should have remained on the list of worst human-rights offenders. I'm not a political expert by any means but as I read this story what two things came to my mind. First, there are huge financial transactions taking place between the U.S. and China each day. If I'm not mistaken, us borrowing money from them. Second, everyone is going to a party they are hosting called the Olympics very soon. The world will pretend that China is a wonderful magical place filled with great food and tradition. No comments will be made by mainstream news about the injustice and persecution by the Chinese government against Christ followers and others; only colorful clothing and smiling faces. China is a country that places a high value on shame, honor, and image. I wonder why they were removed from the list...!! Sadly, when money and power are at stake, the lack of human-rights often pays the price. May God have mercy.

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