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August 26, 2007


Brett Bower

I wrote and directed the video posted here about faith being put to the test. (I also played the hitchhiker) Here is the website where the original video can be found:

Or just search using the word DRIFTING at

It is also up on my GodTube page at:


Brett Bower

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I would hope my love for the Lord and Faith is strong enough that i would of anwser yes!!!! I will die for you "Jesus"


I think a more important question would be "Am I living my faith"? Can others see the Messiah in my actions? He saved me from my sin for His Name's sake and therefore I belong to Him. If I am walking in His ways each day He will prepare me for the day when He calls me to give my life for Him. Then others will be drawn to Messiah because they will know who God is by how I respond to His commandments.


Thank You God, That I chose you and I wouldnt be with my family but, I would be forever with you, In our society today anything like this could happen, Be ready for the Lord is coming quickly. Tell people about Jesus.... He loves you alot more than we know.


my first thought was the wife should get in the driver's seat and run the hitchhiker over to save her husband and possibly herself.

then again, maybe they should read
luke 17.33 again.

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