Persecution Blog: Religious Persecution in Eritrea

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October 26, 2006


Ben There

I do not want to downplay the horrible treatment of Christians in Eritrea but do want to point out that ALL religious groups in Eritrea are increasingly being persecuted by the Eritrean gov't - even those "legal" and "sanctioned" ones. The gov't appointed head of the orthodox church was actually excommunicated by the church's legitimate leaders. St. George, the Anglican church allowed by the authorities for use by internationals, has been taken over by those from outside the church. Even the Caliph - the head of the Muslim community in Eritrea - is gov't appointed. Most recently, schools of both Islam and those associated with various Christian groups have been taken over or closed. There continues to be fears that the Caltholic church may also be soon pushed out of the country with some speculating that the only reason they are still allowed is due to their wealth and the political influence of the Vatican.

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