Persecution Blog: Update on Beheading Survivor Noviana Malewa

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September 26, 2006



I have not seen the pictures. I have, however, seen videos of other beheadings.

People do need to be aware of what they're dealing with. I have a sad feeling you would have been one of the many people who ignored the Holocaust during World War II and called anyone attempting to bring light to it as "sick".


I still think it's sick that you posted those pictures

Dean Lewis

God help us all for our indifference shown by so few of us leaving our comforts to serve those Brothers and Sisters under persecution. I am speechless when I consider this girl - who shows her love for Christ and wears the evidence on her face. Life or death, persecution or sword never separated anyone from the love of Christ - lets take up our cross by life or by death for Christ's glory like this girl.

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