Persecution Blog: Boiled In Oil But Remains Alive

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September 21, 2006



Interesting:"It is said that Roman emperor Domitian commanded that the apostle John be boiled to death in oil, but John only continued to preach from within the pot?" To echo Charles, please state your source? It is obviously not God's word. These type of myths are exactly why some people doubt Christianity. We don't need to add to the many lessons found in the Bible. Jessie is also correct in the fact that John died faithful at 100 years. While Jesus Christ was still on earth he had indicated that John would survive the other apostles.


I just read a book by Tim LeHaye and Jerry Jenkins. In this book it stated that John was 90 yrs. of age while at Epesus and died closer to 100 yrs of age.

The truth is that he was and is even now a greater man of rejoicing in His presense....Lord come quickly!!!!


where did john being boiled in oil come from was it romen history

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