Persecution Blog: A Top Ten List to Stay Off

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September 20, 2006



Hi, may I repost ths information to our website? - Youth and Christ [ ]
Thank you!

As for me, persecution is always around us. And that we are always battling for our King. It is of great honor to experience these kind of things knowing that we are growing everyday we survive each.

These things are inevitable as this is a part of our King's plan. And these just prove that He is soon to come. May we be ready and be firm.


this is what i'd like to do one to be able to suffer for my King aslong as the gospel reaches the unsaved ears of this world.
im in south afica where no persecution is and free religious practices take place..we tend to take for granted this "opportunity" and fail to see how our Christioan brothers and sisters are let us pray for them as they need God's hand on this situation..God bless Them!!!

Eddie McGarrah

I would like more info on organizations that can send me on bible taking trips. I have done this once in Vietnam and I am so ready to spend the rest of life doing this. Thanks for any info that can be given.

bibles at the china border

With the tyranny which is the top 10 list - we as Christians need to decide if we have any 'special' calling to stay at home when the needs in these countries are horrific. North Koreans escaping their country to be met at the border by either sex traders, slave traders, Chinese police who'll send them back, death squads or prayerfully Christians.

China needs approximately 50 Million Bibles - I pray for more to step out to the China border with a bag full of Bibles, 50 Million is going to take many more workers (who are so so few).

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