Persecution Blog: Pastor Rick Warren to Visit and Preach in North Korea

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July 06, 2006


John Karr

Stacy wrote: "Since 2001 our American State Department has considered North Korea "a country for particular concern" for religious freedom violations."

And North Korea is again at the top of Open Doors' annual World Watch List of the top 50 worst persecuting countries:

You can also download a 7-day prayer guide for North Korea on that page. It's a great primer and background brief on the plight of Christians there.


Maybe they'll ship in 15,000 Christians from their prison camps.


You were right, Stacy. Sorry about that. Must be all of the chemicals floating around my system; started another rounds of chemotherapy yesterday.

Regardless, I have no great hopes for this visit and trust that he will show more wisdom than Luis Palau did during his last trip to China.

Stacy L. Harp

Hi Glenn,

Actually the article said both. So when I wrote the blog entry I chose to keep the 15,000 Christians :)

Good points about the Christians coming out of hiding though.


I was wondering why in the world 15,000 Christians who reportedly put their lives at risk by just believing would all gather in one place...


You may want to correct your blog here, Stacy. The report is not that he will preach to 15,000 Christians, just in a 15,000 person stadium. I doubt very much that 15,000 Christians are going to come out of hiding for such a public event and the only two permitted churches in the country don't have that many members. This trip holds no danger to Warren, but I fear will be used for propogation purposes by the North Korean government, just as western evangelists were used by the Romanian communists while Richard Wurmbrand was in prison

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