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June 30, 2006



I think it is wrong to persecute Christians or anyone else. What happens to practitioners of any religion when they choose to practice their faith in their own home is wrong, but that's where it ends.

When missionaries (who are historically responsible for some of the greatest atrocities in history) are persecuted for trying to convert the world to their faith, and/or intrude on others lives in an efort to "save" them or "witness" to them - then they deserve whatever type of reception they get.

But at the same time I also cannot stomach the vomit-inducing hypocrisy of any member of any organized religion - especially Christians - having the unmitigated gall to cry persecution in the same breath that they turn around and persecute gays and lesbians. It's the same thing. Remember love thy neighbor?

Bear in mind, if you want to stop being a target for the ire of others, stop trying to lead by propaganda and conversion and start living by example.

The day you stop persecuting others, may be the same day others stop persecuting you. Until the day when a member of GALA or some other group stands on the corner handing out pamphlets denoucing your church-going, or pickets outside your church telling everyone who goes inside that they are going to hell or tries to convert you to being a homosexual, then you can come cry persecution, but until that day, you reap what you sow.

Religon is personal: Keep it to yourself.

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