Persecution Blog: CHINA: Another Pastor Arrested for Printing Bibles

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June 27, 2006


Ethnic East

it amazes me too how come people are still trying to smuggle bibles illegally into another country and print bibles without publishing permit. aren't there other ways we can co-operate with the Christians and churches there. if you do not know, i am able to link you up so that the fund you used to print bibles will not result in the bibles being confiscated, and even properly distributed to christians who need them. there are proper ways of doing things. to do things right, we must first do the right things.


It amazes me how the Chinese government still "cracks down" on Christians as if it is going to stop them from spreading their faith. If they took a glance at history they'd realize that persecuting Christians really does strengthen their desire. And thought painful and unpleasant circumstantially, real Christians are glad to be persecuted in the name of their Lord...

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