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May 25, 2006


Diana N. Shaw

Yes, you are probably right. That's why, in the book of I Samuel, we are told that the best people in the world -- selected and trained by God -- would sacrifice the individual freedom they enjoyed under God and his various appointed "ad hoc" leaders, opting for the more stylish "kings". We're told all through the Bible that God is interested in the heart of man, and that it's out of the heart the person speaks and acts, not vice-versa. Therefore, wrong hearts lead to wrong politics; and right hearts can lead to right politics; but, right politics will NOT lead to right hearts. Wrong politics can hinder goodness, but right politics cannot cause it.

We Americans are right to believe that God -- and men trying to serve Him -- blessed us with a good system (if only we would keep it). And, certainly, a good system facilitates good works. But, we err when we believe that a good system makes good people. Only God makes people, and only God can make them good.

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