Persecution Blog: SUDAN: Attention Brought to Darfur Crisis

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May 30, 2006



What we see as a lack in support become intensified due to the fact that we worry about the people who are affected by the problem. But for now, as we see that there has been some lack in help, rather than just worry and pray for those who are affected by the war, I'd rather just act and be part of the help to better the nation of Sudan. I visited The Emma Academy Project and I thought that it would also be a good way to support education by building a school in Leer, Sudan.

Wade Balsdon

I first found out about this last night, we will pray for all those who are persecuted in the name of Jesus Christ.


The UN and the Europeans are quick to act when beligerent nations (Muslims) are attacked. The ever-neutral, liberal media trooped to Lebanon to report to the world the sufferings of "civilians" who when interviewed always openly declare their wish for "Death to America" and "Death to Jews". The death counts in Lebanon is nothing compared to the deaths and sufferings in Darfur. Sadly the UN and the Europeans react only to threats and intimidations such as those you hear from the Arab citizens and leaders.

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