Persecution Blog: The myth of Chinese religious freedom

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March 13, 2006



I fear for the safety of all Christians in china now even more than before. With this sudden relaxation of the 50 years of persecution by appointing a Catholic Bishop, many Christians will feel it is their duty to stand for their beliefs. True as this is, they should be aware that this ploy by the present regine may be nothing more than an attempt to identify as many Christians as possible in order to irradicate a threat that would not go away. Their Faith is about to be tested to its reward


Todd thank you for this information. I have read of the persecution in China and we should be praying for our brothers and sisters there on a daily basis! Have you heard any news lately regarding Brother Yun?

Stacy L Harp


What a powerful post. I especially found your questions at the end very thought provoking. Thank you for alerting all of us to the reality of what happens to those in countries that are not free. We need to keep praying!

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