Persecution Blog: Palestinian Christians Need Our Prayers

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January 27, 2006



Well factually speaking Palestinian Christians and Muslims have been living side by side since Islam came to Palestine, and were even united against the Christian Crusaders. What we are seeing now is the same blatant attemp in dividing Palestinians;

Hosam al-Taweel a Palestinian Christian has been chosen by Hamas to join the Government. Where is the persecution!

"I am not afraid of Hamas, even of the Islamic religion," Says Anton Shuhaiber a church council member.

Father Artemios Dimitriades says: "We are not afraid of anything, because the Muslims and the Christians here, from the time Islam came, are living in peace and love,"

Hamas has even warned against any persecution of Palestinian Christians in Palestine. So enough propaganda and understand that Muslims and Christians have been living in peace for many years. It the west that has a problem with this NOT Muslims!


I am NOT optimistic at all. The rise of Islamists is happening all over the region. Just like the Muslim Brotherhood's big parliamentary gains in Egypt this Hamas victory will prove to be a disaster for any Christian living in the area.
Much prayer is needed.

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