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October 31, 2005



God said never to disobey him or you'll be punished. Those muslims really make me angry.... :(


Part of doing ministry in Kenya was doing a lot of evangelism and hearing a lot of sermons simply about grace, which was really really cool for me because it was refreshing to constantly hear the Gospel being preached. I think that the point of this quote, though, is that a lot of people are just being disobedient about God's calling to them to go and spread the Gospel, especially to Muslims. We often avoid or shun them in our personal lives or typify them all as towelheaded terrorists at worst or we simply don't go out of way to love them, which is what Jesus calls us to.


Out of the many Christians and pastors that check out at my register, only 2 have given me at least a tract.
One actually witnessed to me.
I think that too many people think that they can live Jesus and that alone will save people.

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